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PET-G (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)

A filament that is ideal for more experienced users of 3D printers and for engineering & manufacturing business prototyping. PET-G is a very strong and durable and virtually unbreakable.

Translucent in appearance, when printed using optimal settings, produces a near “clear” print. A heated print bed is recommended when printing with PET-G to prevent warping although this material prints naturally with low warp characteristics.

PET-G is made using the purest raw materials & all of the filament including pigment is produced using premium grade polymers without fillers.

Our cross-sectional roundness is consistent throughout the whole spool to ensure that a reliable printing experience is achieved over repeated prints.

Our filaments are free from air bubbles or voids that help to ensure accurate and high definition printing results.
Product Code:  SH-PET-RED1-175-1
Material PET-G
Colour Red
Pantone 200 C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Size 1KG
Printing Temperature 220-245 °C
Bed Temperature 70-80°C
Printing Speed 30-40 mm/s
Dimensional tolerance +/- 0.03mm
Glass Transition Temperature 81 °C
Packaging Hermetically Sealed

Ratings & Reviews

  • The colour is bold and the finish a nice satin red. While I've only done a number of test prints the material is not like other PETGs I've tried where some require a different Z offset to PLA as well as the expected temperature different and experimentation. With this material, in the two colours I'm currently using, once you've made sure your slicer is using the correct temperature profile you can start printing. Maybe I was just lucky with my hot end and bed temperature profile. No stickiness, no clumping together on the head and pulling the first layer off the bed and what with the no need to keep messing with Z offset it just like printing with PLA but with a much stronger outcome. I was so amazed at how easy it was to print with I initially kept checking to make sure I'd not loaded PLA by mistake. With other PETGs I'd generally be waiting for a day where I have enough time to babysit each job but if the printing experience stays this good then more final runs will be printed in PETG while I get on with other activities.

    Name: Andy
    Location: Kent, UK

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