SPANNERHANDS provides innovative product solutions to your business, using the highest quality 3D printer filament, at a competitive price.

SPANNERHANDS team of polymer geniuses have worked long and hard over the past three years to test and source 3D printer materials of the highest possible quality from around the world. By working alongside the client, we aim to deliver an innovative, wide ranging variety of the highest quality thermoplastic 3D printing materials.

SPANNERHANDS Ltd. Is based in the UK and was founded with the mission to make 3D printing easy, by taking the guess work out of 3D printing. By translating that mission, we only supply 3D printer filament of the highest quality imaginable. Our filament helps you get the best performance possible out of your 3D printer, through superior polymer chemistry, superior dimensional tolerance and professional, vacuum sealed and thoroughly dried packaging of our spools.

We are committed to expanding our product line by replicating our mission of innovation in material chemistries and colours and translating to product design. Through using these key principles, we endeavour to support our customers and provide the best possible service.