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Looking for high-resolution 3D printing without high price?

Available in 2 Versions

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Moai Kit Only >Build Guide< >What's Included<  This is the default kit from Peopoly.
1 years parts only warranty.

Moai Kit + Professional Build Service + 500ml Free Resin. We build & calibrate your kit and deliver your MOAI as a working out of the box experience. With full after sales & support, 1 Years parts & labour warranty, with free return shipping in UK.

Introducing Moai, an affordable way to get into laser SLA printing.

Key features:

- 70-micron laser spot  
- Up to 15-micron layer height
- Print via G-Code. Compatible with existing FDM slicers and software 
- High resin compatibility, means access to lower cost resins as well as specialty resins 
- Full access to laser exposure settings. Perfect for researchers and developers 
- Moai resin is only £70 per liter. Vat can last to 4 liters of resin with running at recommended settings. 
Laser wave length 405 nm
Laser power 150 mw
Laser spot size 70 micron
Build Volume 13 x 13 x 18 cm
Dimension 25 x 25 x 62 cm
Weight 15 kg
Processor ST 32bit ARM processor
Print file format Accepts Gcode
Software Cura 2.6

Product Code:  Moai1K

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